I'm trying to decide what's best for my neck. Face lift and thermi-lipo? (Photos)

Saggy double chin neck. Face lift or thermi-lipo . Will -thermi-lipo be effective as a quick fix until I can afford s facelift!

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I'm trying to decide what's best for my neck. Face lift and thermi-lipo?

The best treatment to correct/improve the sagging of your neck, the jowling is a face and neck lift. I do not believe thermi-lipo will produce the results you desire

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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Anything other than a lower face/neck lift is a waste of money.

A lower face/neck lift is so easy to undergo and is affordable and looks natural. From the photos, anything else would be a waste of money and time.

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Neck Skin and Platysmal Bands -- VASER Hi Def Liposuction/ThermiRF, Venus Legacy/Thermage/Ultherapy, Botox/Dysport, Kybella

This type of neck needs surgery for best improvement.  There is no harm in trying VASER / Thermi for tightening/contour but this will not be a neck lifting result.  See an expert for a consultation. Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Hello,  thank you for your question and photos.   You have excess of skin of your neck and lower 2/3 of your face.  A face-lift is indicated in you to improve this area.  There are numerous magical treatments but the only one that could get you the results your are pursuing is the Face-lift.   Have a great day. 

Derby Sang Caputo, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Best treatment for sagging neck?

In agreement with other responders, the downturned corners of your lips, the jowls and rectangular facial shape, the inter-platysmal and sub-platysmal fat, the loose and redundant face and neck skin that have gravitationally descended are all typical features of aging. 

Youthful skin and soft tissue restoration and re-positioning is a complex enterprise, upon which it's difficult or impossible to attach monetary value.  How much is it worth to feel beautiful, to feel confident, and not to be ignored because of your apparent aged countenance?  These are unfortunate realities in contemporary social society.  A good face and neck lift is priceless.

Steve Laverson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Lift is the best way to go

Please don't use your money on anything else other than a face and neck lift.  This will be the biggest bang for your buck. A lift will address the saggy skin along the neck, jowls, and lower cheeks.  It will set back the clock at least 10 or more years.  Attend a few consults to get a feel for the approaches and prices.  I think you might find it more affordable than anticipated if you find the right surgeon.  Feel free to come see me.  I love lifts; they're so rewarding for me and the patient.  

Justin Yovino, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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I'm trying to decide what's best for my neck. Face lift and thermi-lipo?

Your photos indicate an excessive amount of neck skin with poor elasticity that can only be addressed by a facelift. Anything else is not a quick fix or any other type of fix. It is purely a waste of money. 

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Saggy Neck Skin

The main issue in determining the best treatment for a cosmetic deformity of the neck is the quality and quantity of the skin.  In your case, you have a severe amount of excess skin with loss of elasticity of the skin of the neck.  With this in mind, a face and neck lift is really your best option.  This would allow your surgeon to address the amount of neck skin excess as well as address your jowls.  Any other treatment plan will result in an unsatisfactory result.  Sometimes you are better off to save for what you really need than to proceed with a less than optimal treatment.   

Robert J .Paresi Jr., MD, MPH
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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I'm trying to decide what's best for my neck. Face lift and thermi-lipo?

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well.. This is the surgical procedure that revolutionized cosmetic surgery becoming one of the most performed cosmetic procedures. Subcutaneous tissue or fat is removed in order to contour the body in a way that is harmonious and pleasing to the senses. It can be performed in almost all regions of the body such as the neck, chin, abdomen, back, buttocks, thighs, arms and ankles. Usually done through a small incision in the skin through which a cannula connected to a vacuum is applied, it can be performed alone or in combination with other procedures. After liposuction your body is going to be really swollen for at least 2 to 4 months after your surgery. It is important for you to wear your compression garment for at least 6 months, the first 3 months 24/7 and then the last 3 months at least 12 hours per day for your body get use to not having the faja for so many time. When you remove it, your body can get swollen and also you can have pain. Remember to also compress your body to prevent a seroma which is an accumulation of liquid that has to be drained, it is hard to touch and also really painful. Bruises are completely normal for almost 3 months from surgery, that’s why is better for you to use a bruising cream and apply it all over your body 3 times a day. To prevent bad circulation and swollen legs, use compression socks. Brazilian butt lift can be performed with the same procedure and for a month it will be swollen and it will drop a little bit without losing it’s shape if you use your garment.. If you’re going to perform liposuction on your inner, outer, anterior, lateral, postetior thighs, be careful and consult with your surgeon what’s best for you, sometimes we have more extra skin than fat, that can cause severe sagginess on our legs, which can be only be reversed performing a thigh lift…

Tania Medina de Garcia, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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