Butt implants - Unfortunately I will be having my butt Injections removal surgery on monday, 7/18. (photo)

I want to know after 6-12 months of recovery, is it possible to get implants for reconstructive work? I don't believe I have enough fat to be a candidate for fat transfer. Any feedback would be really appreciated. Thank you!

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Butt injections with subsequent implants

This will depend a bit on how it goes. Butt injections can cause significant collateral damage and removal can leave tissues very compromised. I usually judge after removal what to do best. If there is significant tissue damage, it is better to wait 12 months.Depends on the case.

Spain Plastic Surgeon
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Implant timing after removal of butt injections

If all goes smooth with your butt injections removal surgery and recovery then, yes, it is possible to undergo buttock implant surgery as soon as 6 moths thereafter  Glad to help. 

Ryan Stanton, MD
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