Why is it that 5 plastic surgeons cannot fix this? They fill me up with fillers but can't fix my problem? (Photo)

Been to five plastic surgeons and they fill me up with fillers and spending money I honestly don't have in means to hopefully fix this problem. Why is it over a year ago I didn't have this and now I do, and they say it isn't the normal folds that they see, and they try to fix them but no-one has been successful, they also say that it's not that bad and its me and they dont see it. It bothers me so bad, I hate going out bc this has aged me, I look much older than others my age. Help broke and no fix

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Fillers and anatomy

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Your folds are purely anatomic. The jugal fold, the nasolabial fold and the labiomental fold correspond to three different anatomical ligamentous structures (the zygomaticocutaneous ligament, the insertion of the levator labii muscle, and the mandibular ligament). Since these structures are fibrous, it is not possible to fill too much, otherwise the filler material will be dislodged laterally from the fibrous tissue that is deeply anchored to the SMAS or to the bone. I would suggest to think about a delicate fat graft to reshape the overall contour without making your face puffy.

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