20 days post op mastopexy and BA: normal for one breast to settle before the other and to have periodic spasms? (Photo)

I am s/p 20 days since my mastopexy with breast augmentation. I had 380 cc Natrelle silicone implants placed behind the muscle. I am petrified about developing CC and am unsure what to look out for. My left breast appears to be settling while my right breast remains sitting high. Is this normal? And is it normal to still have muscle spasm pains intermittently at this point in my recovery or should I be concerned about CC or something more serious? I'm just curious if I'm healing correctly.

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Breast lift

Yes, it is quite common for the two breasts to settle a bit differently.  Give them at least 4-6 months to settle. Best of luck.

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Post surgery concerns

From your description and photo it appears that everything is progressing normally for this early stage and the result looks good. It would be unlikely to have CC this early. Yes, they commonly progress through the recovery process at differing speeds. Note your concerns to your surgeon and follow her/his instructions for the best opportunity for the best result.

Robert H. Hunsaker, MD
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