Dark spot on my lip; what should I do?

I have got two dark spots on my lower lip recently I just want to know if micro and peel, or derma filler could caused it as I am using both.

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Dark Spot on the Lip

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I would suggest making an appointment with your dermatologist to determine why these new dark spots popped up. There is a chance that they could be of malignant origin. If they are abnormal, the best treatment would be to remove them- hence the reason you should get in contact with your regular dermatologist.

Dark Spots on lips

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I would advise you to make an appointment to see a  board certified Dermatologist for evaluation of the dark spots. Without a picture it would be hard to determine what the cause may be. There area a variety of things that could cause dark spots on the lips. A dermatologists needs to evaluate the areas to ensure they are not concerning for abnormality. 

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