What to do about asymmetrical eyebrows? (photo)

For a few years now I've had assymetrical eyebrows (left arches higher than the right) and it's gotten to the point where I look bad in pictures. It wisent always like this but I remember a few years ago on the exact same spot where the arch is, I got an intense pain (like a bruise or the pain you get in ur muscles after exercise.) Now in college, I'm looking for solution but I don't know what to look for. Do I need special treatment? Are there any possible side effects? How much money for it?

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Muscle Spasm

Based on your photo, you have a problem of left medial brow ptosis. This may result from muscular weakness around brow area. The minimum invasive and budget technique to solve this problem is getting a Botox treatment. Around 30-50 units of Botox injection can fix your brow and forehead muscle spasm if using. The treatment cost is around 30-50USD depending on the surgeon and clinic.

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Brow Lift

Thank you for your question. Fillers or surgery would be a suitable approach to addressing your asymmetrical eyebrows. Prices vary based on local market, type of procedure, and surgeon. I suggest that you move forward and consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon. The in-person examination will reveal the appropriate next steps for solving your asymmetry.

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Asymmetrical Eyebrows

It is not uncommon to have a more active brow.  It can be a consequence of facial expression that grows increasingly noticeable with increased muscle use.  One way to make your brows more symmetrical is to use Botox to weaken the more active side.  Over time with continued Botox use, the muscle that elevates that brow will weaken.  There are surgical modalities to correct brow asymmetries, however it is likely that this brow muscle would continue to be more active and you may still need Botox injections.

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Asymmetric Eyebrows

You may consider consulting with an expert Botox injector who understands the nuances of the arch of the brows. Dermal fillers are also being used to sculpt the brow.  Good luck.

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