I'm a 19 year old college student and I wanted opinions on the best options I have for braces. (photos)

I did have braces in the past but I lost my retainers (a couple of times) and my teeth shifted a lot plus I wasn't very good about wearing them. Thank you!

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Lost Retainers was it best option?

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You previously had braces but never corrected your underdeveloped maxilla.

I would suggest orthopedically growing your maxilla to correct physiology, airway and cosmetics.

If you only want to realign teeth E-cligner or Invisalign will both work fine.  E-cligner will probably move teeth more efficiently and comfortably.  If you decide to correct the undrlying issues and not just the cosmetic aspect i would suggest Epigenetic Orthopedics/ orthodontics with DNA Appliance

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