I Was Wondering if It Works out Cheaper to Get a Few Facial Surgeries Done at Once?

I'm looking to get a few facial surgery procedures done in the near future and was wondering is it better/cheaper to do it at once or over a period of time. The procedures I would like to have are: chin and cheek augmentation, forehead shaping (get rid of the Neanderthal look) and acne scar removal.

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Combining multiple procedures for one surgery is less expensive

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Multiple procedures are always less expensive, due to the costs of the operating room and anesthesia.  It is best to check with the individual surgeon since costs vary depending upon the office visited.  Chin implant and acne scar removal can usually be done at the same time under a local anesthesia.  Cheek augmentation and brow lifts are performed under a general anesthesia for patient comfort and safety.

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