Liposonix on Scalp?

I would like to remove fat of my scalp without surgery. I was wondering if there was anythying that could be done to melt the fat or reshape it for a smoother look?

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Liposonix not appropriate for scalp

I doubt very much that you have an inch of fat pad to pinch (which is recommended for Liposonix treatment) on the scalp and even if you do, the amount of discomfort involved would not be well-tolerated even under mild sedation protocol.

Bay Area Dermatologic Surgeon
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Unlikely for Scalp

In order to be an appropriate candidate for the procedure, one has to be able to pinch at least 1 inch of skin/fat. It is unlikely that scalp can retain this degree of fat. As such, it is not a likely option for LipoSonix.

Cameron Rokhsar, MD, FAAD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Liposonix for fat removal on the scalp

There are several reasons to not consider Liposonix for the scalp.  One is that a minimum of one inch of fat is required for treatment.  It is unlikely that there is that much subcutaneous fat in this area.  The other reason is that Liposonix is not appropriate for use directly over a bone (such as the cranium).  The bone would tend to reflect the ultrasound energy possible causing unexpected results. This would be an area that more study is needed before recommending treatment. 

Susan Van Dyke, MD
Paradise Valley Dermatologic Surgeon
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