Wondering the Approximate Cost of Having Lingual Braces on the Top & Normal Braces on Bottom?

Hi, I live in Australia and I know that the best way to answer my questions is with a consultation, but I just want to get a bit of an idea of how much it would cost for lingual (or incognito braces as they are called here) on the top teeth only, and normal braces on the bottom? Thanks for your help. * I would upload a photo but my phone is not letting me. My teeth are moderately over-crowded and there is not much of an over bite.

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The cost of lingual braces

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The cost for any orthodontic treatment will of corse depend on the complexity of your problem. As a rule the lingual braces tend to be about 30% more expensive then the outside braces. You are probably looking at the overall cost ranging from $6,000 to $11,000

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