I Was Wondering if Switching Surgery Dates with Another Client is Okay to Do?

Hi. I am looking to have a brazilian butt lift procedure done in the near future and was wondering if it was okay to have my procedure date switched with someone else if the other person is willing. Lets say That I want an earlier date and the other client wants a later date. Will this be okay without complications?

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Switching Surgery Dates with Another Patient

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   Of course, switching surgery dates with another patient may seem reasonable.  This only practically applies if you happen to know another patient who is willing or if an opening occurs due to a cancellation. 

Want a Brazilian Butt lift sooner

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This seems like a reasonable thing, but it can actually get quite complicated.  You should contact your surgeon's office, to see if this is possible. 

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Switching surgery dates with someone else

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Switching surgery dates is dependent on the policy of the surgeon.  I would imagine that any change would need to be arranged through the office and not directly between patients. This poses a privacy issue and also can cause significant confusion with the scheduler in the office. The best bet is to contact your surgeon and tell them that you are willing to move your date up, if an opening comes up. Hopefully, they will call you if someone else wants a later date.

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