Nose has grown into a "hump" shape. I was wondering if I should go see my doctor to check it out?

By the way, I am a 14 year old Guy. I consider myself a good looking boy, but ever since I noticed the hump on my nose I lost confidence and became really insecure about my face, it seems like all the focus on my face is drawn to my nose. I really want rhinoplasty surgery but my parents can't really afford it right now, should I see my doctor ? Plus all my other family members have nice good looking noses, so it's not a genetic thing.

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Nose has grown into a "hump" shape.

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The male nose starts to change during puberty and continues until 20 or so in most patients. What you are seeing is the natural deveopmental change. There is nothing wrong with your nose but if you want a rhinoplasty to change it it would be necessary to wit until it has fully matured and stopped changing.

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