Best Procedures for Crooked Nose and Double Lid?

My left eye has a double lid, however the my right eye does not and looks very different almost like a "lazy eye" even though it is extra skin. Also my nose is crooked to the right, has a hump, and looks uneven and perhaps even disproportionate to my face. I was wondering what procedures I should get done to my nose and eyes.

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Surgery to correct crooked nose and double eyelid

Crooked noses usually have a hump associated with them because of the asymmetric nature of the break. During a rhinoplasty once the hump is removed, osteotomies are done to narrow and straighten the nasal pyramid and nasal bones.
The goal of upper eyelid surgery is to remove extra eyelid skin that may be hanging over the eyelashes. When brows are quite low, a browlift can be entertained if so desired. This is done through incisions in the scalp elevating the eyebrows to a new position. Please feel free to review our website at You can also perform your own virtual cosmetic surgery consultation at our face touchup site on our website.

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Rhinoplasty and Blepharoplasty in Young Man

Hi Jonsey,

Rhinoplasty for your nose, and evaluation in person will determine the best procedure for your eyes.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. p

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Surgery for a crooked nose - septal deviation

Form the photo it looks like you may have some brow ptosis which means it is not just a matter of eyelid skin removal. Because of this you really need to be evaluated face to face in order to propose a treatment plan. The nose is obliquely deviated to the right but from the photo one cannot tell if the nasal bones are also deviated. Again you would need a face to face examination in order to decide if a nasal bone adjustment is required in addition to correction of the obliquely deviated nasal septum.

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Crooked nose and asymmetric eyes.

A rhinoplasty will straighten your nose and at the same time you can have the lid position adjusted. The eyes are never perfectly symmetrical but will be improved.

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