Possibility of Teeth Relapse After the Removal of Braces?

I had braces to close gaps in my two front teeth, and on the front bottom teeth. The treatment process included pushing the teeth inwards so that contact between the teeth is established. Nine months into the treatment I realized that my profile changed, and my bite was offset on the left side. I have had the braces removed and treatment terminated for about 2 months. I have noticed that my teeth are begining to relapse and am wondering if they will relapse 100%? This is my hope.

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Teeth move when forces are applied

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While it is not unusual for teeth to move after braces, they don't always go ALL the way back to where they were.  Teeth only move if forces are applied to them.  Relapses are usually due to bite forces or periodontal ligament stresses, so there is SOME movement.

Often with braces, teeth get worse before they get better.  Meaning, your bite was changing, but at the end of treatment, the bite would have been balanced, and likely better than before.

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