will I shrink? I am still very sore especially in the morning. Will the morning pain ever subside? (photos)

My surgeons office is pretty far from me I was just wondering how my progress is going I have 650cc moderate plus silicone memory gel placed under the muscle I am 5'10 160 pounds 

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Swelling post op

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You appear to be healing quite well. These are fairly large implants, so you can expect to be quite large when all of the swelling goes away. There may be a some swelling contributing to the size at this point particularly since you are in the early phases of healing. You will continue to soften up and change as the inflammation subsides and this can take weeks to months to fully happen. As it does, the soreness will also subside.

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Will I shrink? I am still very sore especially in the morning. Will the morning pain ever subside?

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Appears as a very good 3 week result. I doubt you will decrease in size much more. Full healing when doing over volumed implants can thane 6 weeks+/. 

3 weeks post-op from breast surgery

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Congratulations.  At three weeks out based solely on what I can see in the photos, you look like you are healing well. Best to always follow closely with your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast size will appear more normal and smaller by 6-8 weeks postop.

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Based on your three-week photo you appear to be healing normally.  3 weeks is still quite early and considering the fact that you had extremely large implants placed beneath your muscle I am not surprised that you still have discomfort.  This should improve over the next few weeks.  Your implants will continue to adjust to your body and will assume a more normal position and size appearance on your chest.

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