Am Wondering How Long Before I Can Do Basic Chores Around the House, Shower and Eventually Go Back to Work?

I am currently a waitress and bartender at a local restaurant/bar/motel. In the bar we lift flats and cases of beer every day and many times a day. In the restaurant (partially because I am short) I have to reach things on higher shelves and carry trays of dishes and other fairly heavy supplies. I am figuring I will be off work for around a month and can come back after that but not sure if it may be longer?

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Listen to your surgeon

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I generally advise patients wait until the second day after their surgery before they start showering. After three days, you can resume normal non-strenuous activities. You can start exercising at 3 weeks after surgery, except push-ups and upper body strength training, which should be after  6 weeks. However, please listen to your surgeon. They may have different advice.

How Long Before I Can Do Basic Chores Around the House,

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Simple chores can be done almost immediately. A month sounds reasonable for the work you are doing.  As a general guideline, if you avoid doing things that hurt, you are not overdoing things. But check specifically with your surgeon, who will be monitoring your recovery. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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