Inflammation from Laser Tattoo Removal a Scar?

I had 2 laser tattoo removal sessions. It has been 5 weeks since my last session and part of my arm is still inflammed. I'm wondering if this is a scar or if it's just taking me a while to recover.

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Inflammation 5 Weeks After Laser Tattoo Removal

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It would be very unusual to have inflammation still present 5 weeks after treatment.  If there was bleeding or blistering after treatment, you may be experienced prolonged healing because of the trauma of the treatment.  If this is the case, scarring is a possibility.  We agree with Dr. Shelton that you should visit your practitioner to have your situation reviewed.

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Tattoo removal and inflammation

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Rarely, some people do develop an allergic reaction to the dye once treated with laser, but most of the time it is just inflammation. It is possible however, that scarring is developing.  See your doctor to determine the cause of the inflammation as corticosteroids may be prescribed, either as a topical cream or ointment, injections, or a medical adhesive tape that contains the steroid.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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