Just Wondering if a Dr Would Consider Helping Me with my Request for a Free Lsl

after my daughter and husband were killed i gave up on living. theo wrinkles i have are getting worse and worse. i have no savings and i have been put on total disability. i now want to live again, but whose going to look at me

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Free surgery

You could write to LSL and request their help. You could write to dr.Phil. Perhaps a unversity needs a patient to demondtrae or teach on or for televison.Check with universiy plastic surgery programs.

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I'm very sorry for your loss...

As you know, grieving can be a very long and agonizing process. People experience an entire range of emotions. I have no idea how long it has been since the death of your family or where you are in the recovery process. I always advise patients who are in the midst of intense emotional stress to refrain from seeking cosmetic augmentation until they are fully recovered.

I would be very cautious about seeking free services from any surgeon. Free surgery almost always comes with strings attached and can lead to a very strained relationship between the surgeon and the patient. Give yourself time to heal and, if possible, save for a procedure in the future.

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