I Am Wondering if a Chemical Peel Would Be Ok for Someone with Sensitive Skin?

I am 55 and my skin is just dull and I have deep lines on my forehead,between my eyebrows, also I have kind of turned down lines on either side of my mouth. when I look in the mirror there is glow and I would like to see if a peel would help. two more problem areas I have preety deep under eye hollows and some acne scarring around my hairline by the temple area. Thank You for your time.

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Would a Chemical Peel be okay for me?

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Hello and thank you for asking this question. First of all, I want you to know how important it is for you to see a board certified plastic or dermatologic surgeon to address each of your concerns.  I would not want you to receive incomplete or bad advice from an aesthetician or "medspa." I have seen so many people spend money needlessly on superficial "light" peels that are not what they need.  To clarify, I am not telling you not to have facials, aestheticians are great, but start off with a surgeon that can formulate an entire treatment plan for you. 

Second, it is difficult for me to answer this complicated question without examining you and seeing your specific concerns.  It sounds like the ultimate treatment goals for you would require a combination of facial procedures. For example, Botox to treat the lines and furrows on you forehead and between the eyes, Fillers to address the "turned" down lines on either side of your mouth, a surgical blepharoplasty to get rid of the deep under eye hollows and finally, some resurfacing CO2 laser to freshen the skin and treat the acne scars. This combination treatment approach, or one like it, would be the best course to treat all of your problems at once. Have this all performed under anesthesia and it will be a "piece of cake." A warning, recovery can be anywhere from 2-3 weeks until you are socially acceptable.  Find a good doctor and start from there. Good luck to you, this is a very common problem you describe and the results will be fabulous.

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Chemical peel for sensitive skin

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The deep forehead lines would probably best be treated with botox and ablative laser while the corners of the mouth can be turned up with injectable fillers. The acne scarring is best treated with an ablative laser provided you are light skin color.

To brighten the tone and texture of your skin chemical peels even with sensitive skin can show great improvement. Get a consultation by a surgeon first.

David Ellis MD FRCSC Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon at Art of facial Surgery 

David A. F. Ellis, MD
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