I'm Wondering How I Can Get Breasts Like This, or at Least if It's a Realistic Expectation? (photo)

Any guesses as to how she achieved this look? Do you think those implants were put in under or over the muscle? The top of them seems to blend in so nicely, it doesn't have that round shell shape that i've seen in a lot of over the muscle implants. I also like how perky and round they are, but they're not completely fake looking (or I guess I mean the look appeals to me) For the "my size" picture I attached, is the "Goal" picture achievable? Sorry for so many questions, thanks for your help!!

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Breast Augmentation- Be careful what you ask for and realize that it will have long term implications

Hi there-

Without examining you, it's hard to say how close to the photo you posted it might be possible to get you...

On the other hand, there are much bigger issues (pun intended) here:

  • The larger the implant, the greater the stretching force on the breast tissue and skin
  • The larger the implant, the heavier the implant, and therefore the greater the effect of gravity on the breasts over time
  • When you're not in a bikini or tightly form fitting garment, very large breasts will tend to make you look heavier and matronly, not more attractive.
  • Because of these facts, women who elect to have very large implants have more complications over time and more operations over time, with more expense and more recovery.

The bottom line- having large implants like this placed might make you happy for a short time, but I would predict that very soon (within 1-2 years after surgery) you will wish you hadn't gone so big. 

Be careful what you ask for- I'm sure you will have no difficulty finding a surgeon willing to do this for you if you wave a bit of money in the air... But I don't think it is truly in your best interests over the long term, and your eventual regret is so certain that I'm not sure I think it is even ethical to do...

Think carefully about what you want for yourself- not just now, but in the future... Do you want to be having dissatisfaction and more operations on your breasts than you have to when you're 35, 45, 55 because of the choices you made when you were 25?


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How to achieve goal photo breasts.

You have pretty breasts and good anatomy for breast augmentation. Your goal photo shows a slim, attractive woman with very large breasts that are actually disproportionately large for the rest of her body--this is generally considered "not normal" and "fake-looking," but NOT "perky." It's impossible to tell from this photograph if these breasts are this high and round naturally, since she has them well-suspended against gravity by a swimsuit top. Whether this is mostly her and partly implants, or mostly implants and not much of her to start with, her present breasts (plus implants) are quite heavy, and will certainly sag to some degree without a bra support, and will do so more rapidly over time than smaller, more proportionate breasts.

That being said, it's not only OK for you to state your own preferences, but for your chosen plastic surgeon to try to come as close as possible to your goals (so long as you understand the consequences--read some of the other responses for some ideas about what to expect over time with very large implants). Your own anatomy does have some limitations dimensionally, even with high-profile (narrower with more projection) implants.

To achieve the best overall result, you will require the largest high-profile implants (cohesive silicone gel recommended for the softest and most natural feel) your anatomy allows, placed below the muscle. This will provide the most natural slope superiorly, and the lowest likelihood for capsular contracture (more bacteria and biofilm above the muscle). You may not be able to get the exact look your goal photo shows, but you should be able to get fairly close if that is your wish. Try on implants in a bra and stretchy top at your ABPS-certified plastic surgeon's office during consultation and see how this looks. For more information, click on the link below. Best wishes!

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Can my breasts look this good (photo)?

Yes, you can look very close to the girl in the photo with black top, but the photo gives limited information about her actual result.  Her breasts are in the sun, upper pole implant tissue interface obscured by shadow.  Implants pushed together by bikini top, may fall out laterally without top, and, examined closely likely ripple or wrinkle positionally based on large full profile implant size/shape and her lean body.  Skin is stretched by her implants. Your body and breasts are nice, and with mid range to high profile implants, you'll arguably have an even better result.  

Steve Laverson, MD
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Realistic expectations for breast implants

Thank you for your question. Am I correct am assuming that neither of these pictures are pictures of your breasts?  Without medical photographs of your breasts, it is impossible to guess what your breasts would look like after breast augmentation. I suggest you see two or more plastic surgeon's in your area if you are interested in breast implant surgery.  Best wishes.

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Can Breast Implants Look Like Model's Photo

We never base a desired look on a clothed (or unclothed) professional model's photos, only on medical photos. I have taken care of quite a number of models from Playboy, etc and I can tell you without a doubt the real body and the professional photos never match. The pictures have all been significantly altered by digital image manipulation. That said, you can probably get something of that nature but it could take two or more procedures. Be careful what you ask for as most of the patients with oversized implants eventually want to go to a smaller implant, and it is often not possible without a breast lift and all the scars that go with that.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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Augmentation goals out of reach

The picture is very helpful in planning your augmentation and you will require a very full implant with good cover. The picture though is something your breast will not do. The skin envelope in the photo is very full and supple and unlike your breast. You will have to start with a smaller implant that will fit within the breast without  bottoming out or a double bubble. Also, your breast is round and perky, the model is not and what you see without the top on will not be as pretty.

Best of luck, peterejohnsonmd.com

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Realistic expectation for breast augmentation

Hi.  Your "goal" photo shows a woman with VERY large implants.  Although you state that she has a "natural" look, in fact, she does NOT look natural.  The implants are too big for her body frame.  She also has an unnatural pose; and the implants are held up by swim suit.  As we get bigger implants, it introdues risks for more problems in the future.  Currently, you have nice shape; so after breast augmentation, you will look great.  Hopefully, you choose implants that are not too large and that will just enhance and augment your shape.  Go visit with a board-certified plastic surgeon who can recomment appropriate size for your body.  Best wishes.

Sugene Kim, MD, FACS
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Breast augmentation expectations

You have a very nice shape to your breasts, so your postoperative results should be good.  The model photo demonstrates very large implants (too large for her frame, in my opinion) in a bathing suit with her arms in an unnatural position.  I would caution you to be careful in making any judgments about her actual breast appearance.    If you are trying to emulate that particular photo, you might be very disappointed!

Large implants are a possibility, although your plastic surgeon should be very explicit in explaining the downside to "large" implants - risks of tissue thinning and drooping, feeling or seeing implant edges, capsular contracture, actual changes in the chest wall, a higher risk of needing additional surgeries, changes in nipple sensation.... 

To get a better idea of what you want and to communicate it to your surgeon, take in photos of actual breasts (nude) in a more natural standing position with arms down. Then you can evaluate shape and size more realistically.


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LARGE volume Breast Augmentation

The model has a "desireable" look for several reasons.She is young and she is a model. She is posed to show her breast at the best angle. She has her breasts suspended in a bathing suit. unfortunately for her, she has implants that are much too big for her body and will almost certainly have olong-term problems with stretched out, sagging breasts. You have a very nice shape towork with and if you choose breast implants that will fit your body you can get an exceptional result with much less risk of long-term complications. Pick a board certified plastic surgeon to be reasonably assured that you are in good hands.


Joseph Fata, MD
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I'm Wondering How I Can Get Breasts Like This, or at Least if It's a Realistic Expectation? (photo)

Anything is possible BUT probable I doubt. Best to be examined in person by a boarded PS in your area. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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