I Was Wondering if Botox and Juvederm Where Consider Cosmetic Surgery?

I received a form to fill out and one of the questions were have you ever had cosmetic surgery, which I 'm sure they don't fall under surgery

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Cosmetic Surgery - Fillers and Botox? Or actual surgery?

Your form question most likely was meant to distinguish elective surgery for appearance enhancement from medically necessary surgery.

Since most people look at the word surgery and think of a scalpel, then fillers like Juvederm and relaxers like Botox wouldn't fall into that category. Yet, many doctors tend to lump injectables into the "cosmetic surgery" portfolio when they mention their available treatments.And many physicians today refer to anything they do that has a cosmetic effect as cosmetic surgery, so it can be confusing!

Most Dermatologists offer primarily what are considered Noninvasive or Minimally Invasive procedures - Noninvasive would include treatments such as laser, Ultherapy, CoolSculpting, IPL, Vbeam. The Minimally Invasive category that would include all injectables and some lasers since they penetrate the skin to various levels.

Plastic Surgeons are your full tilt boogey providers who do it all - from full facelifts to major body reconstruction.

Basically anyone who has had liposuction, a face lift, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty or similar "under the knife" procedures would consider that "cosmetic surgery" - regardless of the physician's designation or training.



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Are Fillers and Botox Surgery?

Botox and other facial injectables, such as fillers, are not technically surgery. There are no incisions and the needles are considered "minimally invasive". That being said, these products need to be used by trained physicians with expert knowledge of facial structure and aesthetics. Complications are possible, but rare in the hands of well-trained injectors.

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