How to Apply a 15% Tca Peel Combined with Jesners Peel

Is it one on top of the other or one first and the other?

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Jessners and TCA peels should only be done by Docs.

you should not consider applying an acid like jessners and TCA to your own face, ever!  Jessners is applied usually first followed by the TCA and then cool wet compresses and then a cortisone lotion and SPF.

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Doctor's preference

Most doctors do layered peels to make them more aggressive without using higher concentration of the acids. I usually do the Jessners first, followed by the TCA. I usually use 25-35% TCA. Of course your board certified dermatologist of plastic surgeon may have a different method. And the preparation and mode of application can make a world of variations of effects with similar peel strengths. That is one of the main reason to see an experience and certified expert.

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How to Apply a 15% Tca Peel Combined with Jesners Peel

Yes applied in layers. But this is to be done by doctors ONLY. You should not consider doing this to yourself. Be careful out there. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski

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