Should women give botox another chance after having a bad result?

I got botox on my forehead, between eyes, crows feet and below the eyes on 9/12/13. I developed big hollows and bad eye bags, one eye looks larger than before and the other looks a little smaller (might have a small droop). My cheeks have ptosis (chipmunk cheeks esp when I smile) and I have more wrinkles now than without botox. I've been pleased with all the other times I've had it done. Am I safe to have botox again once this goes away or will I now be suseptible to such results?

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Botox is a treatment not just a product

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People tend to forget that Botox is not just a product you are buying, it is a treatment that requires skill, experience and a good aesthetic eye. I would either discuss this with your current doctor or look for another cosmetic surgeon that has a lot of experience and is recommended by a doctor, a friend or by reading good online reviews.

The good news is that Botox always wears off, so even if you have a problem it is not permanent. However, you certainly want to get good results. The key is seeing the right doctor.

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Should women give botox another chance after having a bad result?

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Im very sorry to hear of your bad experience, seek an experienced provider with proper technique, this can help ensure a beautiful end result.

Unpleasant Results from Botox Treatment

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Unfortunately, if an inexperienced injector does not take facial anatomy into consideration, you can be left with an unnatural look. People with fullness under their eyes are not good candidates for under eye injections. By relaxing the underlying muscle, the fullness will look like a "bag" on top of the cheek and hollow above.

"Chipmunk" cheeks can occur when treating crow's feet. If the lateral injection is given too low, or the muscle that supports the cheek is injected, the cheek can drop. When you smile the cheek cannot be fully lifted into it's natural position.

Don't give up on using Botox to both prevent and correct lines that concern you. If done with skill, the results can be natural and attractive.

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I would definitely give botox another chance. It sounds that the actual mechanism of how the Botox works is still working with you, it just may have been placed inappropriately. I would seek out a very skilled and experienced injector and give it another shot.

Should you get Botox again if you got a bad result

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The key with Botox is a proper injector. Many people think that just "putting it in the areas" should make everything seem the same. But it doesn't work that way. Botox doesn't know what to do on it's own - your injector should. So, I'm sorry that you have a bad current result. The good thing is that Botox results will wear off over time. You won't be susceptible to the same results unless you go back to the same injector again.

"This answer has been solicited without seeing this patient and cannot be held as true medical advice, but only opinion. Seek in-person treatment with a trained medical professional for appropriate care."

Bad Results From Botox- Can I have it again

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Botox needs to be injected correctly to provide a beautiful result. Fortunately your results will be temporary, but the bad results can take several months to improve.

The next time you are injected- go back to your original provider and you'll be fine!

There are some Botox side effects that can be easily treated.

For example, if you get an elevated or spock brow- a small amount injected about that brow will relax the brow back to normal position.

Crow's feet may need several injection sites to provide a smooth effect. However some patient's do note a transition area from the cheek wrinkles to the crow's feet wrinkles and this is difficult to correct with Botox. These patients may be best served by augmenting the cheek bones with a filler and performing skin tightening.

If your cheeks do have ptosis, that means they are droopy and will not raise up when you smile. There is not treatment for this side effect, only time.

Technique-dependent results with Botox

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As you've witnessed firsthand, results will vary depending on the physician treating you. Successful treatment relies on proper technique, knowledge of the anatomy, and a bit of artistry. Seek out a well-regarded physician once this current treatment wears off, and you should be please with the results once again.

Donald B. Yoo, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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