What Must a Woman Do to Prepare Herself Physically Meaning Healthwise for Breast and Buttock Augmentation Surgery?

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What Must a Woman Do to Prepare Herself Physically Meaning Healthwise for Breast and Buttock Augmentation Surgery?

You don't mention if you have any personal health issues. If so, a visit to your primary physician is advisable to assure any health problems are properly managed. 

Your surgeon will provide a list of medicines to avoid, most of which can interfere with blood clotting and therefore cause bleeding. Aspirin is the commonest one that is an issue and should be avoided for at least 10 days. Motrin is a problem, but less so. (Tylenol is ok.)

Prescription anticoagulants should be managed by your surgeon along with the prescribing doctor. 

Remaining at a realistic weight is important if fat grafting is part of the plan


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Surgery preparation

There are several things that you can do to prepare yourself for elective surgery.  Visit your plastic surgeon for an exam and review of your health history.  Based on the findings, there may be certain labs that may need to be completed.  There also may be medications that need to be stopped.  If you smoke, you need to stop, preferably at least 6 weeks prior to your procedure.  You must not have any nicotine at all- so the patch is not an option.  You also want to prepare yourself mentally for recovery and make any necessary arrangements for rides or child care around the time of your surgery.  Good luck!

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Preparing for surgery

I generally like to keep things simple in my practice.  I don't have any strict pre-operative regimen other than to have patients avoid anything that contains aspirin or ibuprofen for two weeks prior to surgery.  There is a whole list of pain relievers that contain one or the other of these so you need to check any medication you are taking during those two weeks.  Also, if you have any medical problems that need to be addressed, they should be taken care of prior to surgery as well.  The nice thing about cosmetic surgery is that it is elective - you can plan for it ahead of time and get yourself ready physically and mentally for your surgery.

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Buttock augmentation and breast surgery preparation

It is important  follow directions of your surgeon. For instance, I have patients avoid blood thinners and avoid herbal supplements to name just a few things.

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Preparing Physically and Mentally for Breast and Buttock Augmentation Surgery

Before any elective surgery, including breast and buttock augmentation surgery, one should prepare, both physically and mentally, before undergoing the surgery.  First, check with your primary physician, let them know that you are planing to have the surgery and ask them to perform a pre-surgical evaluation.  If you have any medical problems - high blood pressure, heart, lung or kidney disease, bleeding or blood clotting problems, medicines you are taking, allergies, etc. -  be certain to let your surgeon know ahead of time.  From a psychological standpoint, make sure you are having the surgery for the right reasons - that you are having the surgery for yourself and not to please a spouse or significant other.   Remember this is elective, cosmetic surgery and can be done at any time.  Schedule the surgery at a time when you are not under significant outside stresses from work or family.  Best wishes.

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