How Can a Woman Best Avoid Breasts Sagging As She Ages?

After helping to dress my grandmother for many years I have become concerned about the possibility of someday having my own breasts sag to my waistline. Is there any surgery that can keep this from happening over the long run. I am 49 now and have only a slight amount of sagging.

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Small breasts with good support tend to sag less.

Keep your breasts supported as much as possible with bras, sports bras, etc; but no, there is no surgery to prevent sagging other than mastectomy and implant reconstruction which is usually only done for cancer and high risk for cancer.

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Breast lift for Sagging of the breasts

Hi there-

Strictly speaking, there is no treatment or surgery that prevents sagging of the breasts, as this is the natural result of gravity acting on skin, which is also naturally losing it's quality as time passes.

A well-done breast lift can reverse these changes, and is usually much more resistant to future sagging than before the lift. When a bit of sagging does recur over time, a minor revision of the lift is usually all that is necessary. In any case this prevent your breasts from sagging to the same degree you see in your grandmother.

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Aging of breasts

Thanks for an interesting question--one which many of my patients have asked.  I do not know if there is any evidence for my advice, but some general comments come to me.  First, I believe bras reduce the constant force of gravity on your tissues and thus I reccommend my patients to always wear good bras all the time.  Secondly, I believe repeated weight gain and loss affects the elasticity of your breasts, thus keeping a healthy constant weight probably reduces this variability on your tissues.  Hope that helps.

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Unfortunately there is no way to completely avoid sagging of the breasts.  As we age the tissues often deflate and the skin quality worsens.  I would say perhaps if we could ideally minimize it, you would have to live in zero gravity and maybe stand on your head!

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Prevention of breast sagging

Dear Louise from the West,

Medicine has its limitations: we cannot stop aging. But we can age gracefully !

we all have different breasts size and shapes. But the larger, fuller breasts cup sizes when young will be sagging the most rapidly with aging, gravity, weight loss, pregnancies, nursing, menopause...

 Most doctors will recommend  wearing a bra as much as possible, and especially during exercises such as jogging, zumba classes, counteract the effects of gravity on Cooper's ligaments which hold the breast attached onto the chest muscles underneath.

For large heavy breasts, a Breast Reduction can be done to alleviate the back pain also.

For smaller breasts, a lift, with or without breast implants can help regain the fullness and roundness of youth depending of the degree of sagging.

Your surgeon should be a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

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Repeated Mastopexies will correct the sagging.  Wearing a bra as much as possible will also limit the effects of gravity.  Unfortunately there are no reliable products to bring the elasiticity back to the skin.  If you have very large, heavy breasts a reduction/mastopexy will help.

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