Can the Narrowness of my Nose Before Be Reversed? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 14 months ago. All the swelling is down (please take my word for it, no changes since more than 7 months) My nose is much wider than before. I've had an onlay graft, spreader flap, tip grafts, no de projection and a very small hump removed.I wanted tip refinement , my surgeon says he changed the shape of the tip with sutures. However my nose is too wide right now. Is it possible to turn it back to its original state? Also the alar base is wider - can this be narrowed too?

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Reversing wide nose post rhinoplasty

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Hi there,


If you're willing to post lateral views and a basal view, it will be possible to make more sensible comments about your situation. 

In general though, if the nose is relatively widened by a bump or hump removal on front view, it will be possible to make it look narrower on front view in the event a revision is undertaken, through one of a number of techniques.

Revision of Rhinoplasty Results

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I encourage you to consult with an experienced revision specialist. You can improve your appearance but i discourage you from trying to retrieve your old nose which led you did not like.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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I agree with you about your nose job results

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I agree with you based on your photos that your nose looks wider and not better from the front.  Not sure what it looks like from the profile.  Trust me you still have scar tissue and swelling and it should continue to go down but I doubt you will see enough of a change even a few years later with less swelling to be happy so a revision surgically or non-surgically may be options but I have to see your profile and base view as well.  So while you cannot go back to what it was before, improving it going forward may be very possible.  

revision rhinoplasty refinement

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  It is impossible to go back to the old nose that  you had.  There are some refinements that can be performed to this nose such as narrowing of the tip and bridge conservatively. Thick skin and scar tissue formation will be a hindrance  and limiting factor to how much can be done.

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