Necrosis Started Right After Surgery, Is This Normal?

It's been 7 months & skin on the bottom of aereola is very thin, was peeling. Gets better? I had a facelift at the same time. Sides of my face still feel like someone is pulling my ears back. Was worse - ears felt like I had frostbite. My face looks the same, except that there are now scars under my eyes. I had no under eye bags. What was the purpose of eye incisions? My daughter used a different Dr.,same facility.Her implant was removed because it was extruding. All coincidence?

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Questions after surgery

I would ask that you go and see your surgeon and have a conversation with him regarding your concerns.  He/she is the only one who knows what was performed (exactly) and therefore can give you more precise information.

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Concerns after surgery

You have a great number of concerns.  It is impossible to give an adequate answer without knowing exactly what was done and examining you.  I would recommend that you go back to your surgeon with a list and carefully discuss each of your concerns.  If you are still concerned, I would suggest that you go for a second opinion with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon.  If you do go for another opinion, that surgeon will likely need notes and an operative report to better assess exactly what procedures were done. 

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Post surgical problems

You will need to start with asking the questions you asked here of your surgeon, especially the questions about the eyes.  The feeling you have in your face is not completely unusual and sensation changes or loss can take several months to reach their final state.  If you are not getting answers from your surgeon make sure you get a second opinion by a surgeon certified by "The American Board of Plastic Surgery" in your area. 


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Questions after surgery

It sounds like you have a lot of questions about your surgeries. I need a lot more information and photos to address each question you have, and some may only be answerable by your own surgeon.    If possible, ask one question at a time, and include more history about why you had the procedure and how it healed, what you think you had done, etc.    It looks like the right breast areola in particular had some trouble healing and now you have scar tissue, which tends to be more fragile and thin than normal skin.   Keeping it well moisturized can help with the peeling and dryness.  

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