Wobbly Dorsal Graft- What's Going On?

I've had revision rhinoplasty to enhance my dorsum using rib-cage cartilage. The current shape is fine. However, if I so much as pick my nose slightly, the top of the dorsal graft swings back and forth from left to right almost tickling my eyebrows! Doctors have told me that grafts do move a little, but this is ridiculous! There's got to be a way to pin the top of the dorsal graft down to the bony part of the underlying structure, don't you think?

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Wobbly Nasal Graft

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Nasal augmentation has a long history in surgery, and many types of grafts have been used oevr time. Silicaone grafts have a tendency to form a scar capsule around them, and therefore can be mobile when pressed from side-to-side. Many other synthetic materials are similar. Bone grafts, if not fixed to other bone, can also be moveable. Cartilage grafts integrate the best, and are the easiest to fix in position. If the graft is truly bothering you, get it examined by an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon for a better evaluation.

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