Wld Thermage Really Help Me? (photo)

Im 34 5'4 1/2" and weigh aprx 145llbs. I have an apt for a consult next Monday for thermage. I've always had a lil pot belly but after 2 kids it has turned into a big one. It is sooo embarassing to go out n have people ask me how far along I am or congratulate me on my pregnancy( I am not pregnant). I wanna make sure my money is spent on something that is going to give me the results I want. What do you think?

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Thermage will work for you

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We often effectively combine Thermage and liposuction of the abdomen. The liposuction will be performed with local anesthesia.

You don't seem to have much excess of skin and the fat will be removed with the liposuction the entire treatment should not take longer than one hour and a half.


Miami Plastic Surgeon

Thermage is not a tummy tuck substitute

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Honestly, cancel your appointment.  Thermage will not substitute for the procedure you need, which is an abdominoplasty. You have bulging of the midline. Even in the best case scenario, Thermage will only tighten minimally.  It is much better to save your money, see a board certified plastic surgeon and determine a course of action. Best wishes.

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