8 Wks Tt P/o. Rt Side Near End of Incision Much Swollen and Will Not Subside.

I'm fairly happy with the result. Considering 8wks P/O F/TT. I question myself why my PS have made incision differently. Lt is low&straight yet RT side went up towards the end where tube was placed and this is the area the swelling doesn't seem to go away or have much change since the surgery. Still swollen in general and have loose skin, would this improve? and is it normal to have such a dark colored bb? I use mederma cream with spf everyday. Would this improve too in time? I wear garmet 24/7.

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Swelling 2 months after tummy tuck

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Greetings, You definitely still have some swelling, but that's not unusual 2 months after a tummy tuck. In terms of the incisional swelling and asymmetry, it's not at all uncommon to see that after surgery. As the swelling subsides, many of those asymmetries become corrected. If they do not, small scar revisions are easy to perform in the office. Hope this helps!

Tummy Tuck Recovery

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I agree that at 8 weeks post op tummy tuck surgery, you are looking good. You still have swelling that takes months to subside and the scar can take up to 1 year to mature and fade. I think you are doing all of the right things. In response to the incision, we plastic surgeons do our best during surgery and sometimes things need to be adjusted to get a specific result... there is never a 100% guarantee with any surgery.  Enjoy your results.

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