I Think I Am 4 Wks Prego I Have Taken 20mg for Several Months. is the Fetus Affected?

I have been taking accutane for almost a year. I did not worry about pregnancy because I was abstinent. About three months ago I became sexually active. I did not get my period this month so I took a pregnancy test and I found out I am pregnant. I have not taken the pill for two days. I was on a 20mg dose. What are the changes of having a deffective baby and what should I do?

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Accutane and Pregnancy

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You should not be having unprotected sex while on Accutane - EVER. This is a black label warning, meaning yes, your fetus is affected and you need to pursue options with your physician. You 100% cannot get pregnant while on Accutane and you should have been on 2 forms of birth control if you are sexually active while on Accutane, which is mandated in the iPledge program. You need to talk to your doctor immediately, as a report has to be made to iPledge and you need to make plans.

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