2 Wks Post Op...will Asymmetry Improve? (photo)

280cc smooth hi profile silicone. rev. to reduce areola scarring and fat injections to smooth contours in median + lower regions. right crease appears too high but doc says this will relax. im not sure this is correct in that scar tissue doesnt relax overtime, am i correct? please advise if this asymmetry will improve.

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Dramatic Breast Asymmetry Can Change Dramatically

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Two weeks is much too early to make a judgement on your result and even a large asymmetry can improve.  I would follow your doctor's recommendations and periodically ask him if he believes you are "on track" or if he thinks you may need revision.  He should let you know as early as possible if he believes you will need revision and if there will be any additional cost involved.  Keep in mind, that you and your plastic surgeon are working toward the same goal and he knows the most about you and your surgery.  You are always better off asking him these questions instead of  Real Self doctors.

Asymmetry at two weeks

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It is very possible that you may need a revision down the road, but right now it is too early in the healing process and things may settle quite a bit. 

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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2 Wks Post Op...will Asymmetry Improve?

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Your photos expose only the central part of your breast making an accurate evaluation impossible. However, two weeks is much too soon to try to predict symmetry or any final result. Also it takes at least 4 months to determine  the outcome of fat injections as some of the fat will resorb.  

I see no evidence of a hematoma, and this is the most important cause of asymmetry to determine. Now you just have to wait.

It seems diffcult, but anyways wait and see......

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It looks too big of a difference to be changed just like that by time. Anyways you cannot do anything at the moment. Only some adjustments can be done by the use of compressive strap or bra as instructed by your doctor. Just wait for minimum 3-6 months and then easily with minor revision if necessary you can achieve your goal.

Post op asymmetry after breast aug/mastopexy

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Thank you for your question and photos.  You are quite early in the post-operative period. There will be significant changes over the next several weeks as the swelling from surgery begins to resolve.  However, you have a very pronounced asymmetry between the two sides.  Small changes can occur and symmetry improve, but in all likelihood, you will not be symmetric without further surgery.  Your inframammary fold is much higher on your left side compared to the right side.  It is often best to be patient and allow things to heal before rushing into a revision procedure.  3-6 months is a good mark to allow things to settle and see where you are at.  Continue with close follow up with your surgeon and the two of you can come up with a game plan for the future.  

Good luck.


Brian C. Reuben, MD
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon
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Will asymmetry improve after breast revision surgery?

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Thank you for your question and photos. You have a malposition of your left implant, which sits higher on the chest wall. Your surgeon thinks that this implant will relax and come down to match your right side. In line with his/her philosophy, what stops the right side from relaxing and coming down as well? You will need further surgery to fix your malpositon. BTW, your areolae will stretch out as well, I see that there's significant tension on your suture lines. You can address this problem now, or wait a few months and keep your fingers crossed in hope that your breasts will look more symmetrical. Good luck.

I doubt symmetry will be achieved by waiting in this case.

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The position of the implants appear asymmetrical. Whereas asymmetries often times get better with time after augmentation I think that's expecting a lot based on the degree of asymmetry shown in these photographs.

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