Hi. I Am 2 Wks Post Op ( Tt and Lipo ) my Legs Are Very Tender and Sore. is This Normal?

I am 2 wks post op ( tt and lipo) my legs are very tender and sore to the touch at times, especially inside the legs from top to bottom. Are there any other symptoms besides soreness of the legs that might point to blood clots? Would you recommend going to the doctors to find out if that is what it is or is this normal?

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Sore legs after tummy tuck should be evaluated

Soreness of the legs, such as you describe, could be present for several reasons.  Most of them are not dangerous.  The one we worry about the most is blood clots. 

The diagnosis of blood clots includes symptoms, physical examination, blood test (D dimer test) and ultra sound examination of the veins.  It is impossible to tell based on symptoms alone.

You should be seen as soon as possible to rule out this diagnosis.

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Blood Clot after Tummy Tuck?

Yes, you should be examined by your physicians to  diagnose and treat any problems you are experiencing after tummy tuck surgery.  You should be aware that even in first examination ( much less online consultation)  can miss  the diagnosis of deep venous  thrombosis ( clots)  and that an ultrasound study may be necessary.

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