6 Wks Post Op, Stupid Accident After Rev Rhino; 6 Wks Later, Layer of Scar Tissue from Dorsum to Base. Surgeon Refuses Kenalog?

I very stupidly had an accident at 6 wks post-op. It was the first day I finally saw my nose mostly settled (tip elevation, medpor implant). Now, 6 wks after that, the nose no longer seems to stop swelling & there is a layer of scar tissue from dorsum to underneath-nose was petite, now long/fat, big ball around implant in my septum/tip base. All-day edema due to lymph blockage. What can I do? Taping doesn't help anymore. Is kenalog safe? The only thing my surgeon will offer is prednisone pills

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As long as the medpor implants is not infected or exposed, more than likely the swelling will come down. Best to follow closely with your surgeon.

Medpor Implants

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Medpor implants can cause persistant swelling and scar tissue, I don't think this is a very good implant in rhinoplasty especially if its not customized to your nose. That said, its very difficult to assess your nose without seeing it. I also don't think that kenelog injections are a good idea. Video attached shows removal of nasal medpor implant.

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