Almost 2 Wks Post Op, Very High and Uneven, Strattice Used (Included Pics of Before/after)

I was told to include before and after pics, so I'm reposting my question. I had a revision of implants which had fallen into my armpits over 10 yr period, it required strattice. I'm nearly 2 weeks post op. When will they drop and even out? Will they get better with time? I don't expect perfection. I respect my PS and know it was difficult surgery. I'm just curious if there's hope for a better outcome. It was $$$ and I went into surgery thinking I'd come out looking a lot better.

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You Can Expect Change in The Weeks to Come

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Your photos do show a successful repair of the lateral displacement, but I also understand your concern about the drape of your breasts.

It is not unusual for excessive fullness in the upper chest, early in the post-operative period.

Discuss your concern with your surgeon who may advise patience and perhaps implant manipulation to hasten the "settling."

Breast implant revision

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At only 2 weeks after surgery, it's hard to say what your end result will be.  It will definitely look different in 6 months, but only time will tell to what degree.  Your surgeon will give you instructions on implant massage and other techniques to improve your result.

Malik Kutty, MD
Sugar Land Plastic Surgeon

Results 2 weeks after surgery

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2 weeks after surgery is way too early to see the final results.  Your breasts will continue to change, so be patient.  Your pictures show that you no longer have the lateral displacement.  Over time the repair will relax a little so your surgeon overcorrected it a little.  The results, given enough time, will certainly look more natural.


Martin Jugenburg, MD

Recovery from Breast Revision Surgery

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Thanks for posting before and after photos.  It makes answering your question more useful.  Based on the photos, your implants do appear high.  However, you are only two weeks after surgery and the implants will settle.  So, it is too early to get worried.  Based on the before and after pictures, your surgeon did a good job of bringing the implants back toward the center.  Now it will take time to see where the settle.  


Good Luck.  

Disappointing Breast Augmentation Revision

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While the photographs ARE helpful, you do not give a full history of what you had done 10 years ago which resulted in the side-falling implants AND what your surgeon told you he did 2 weeks ago.

There is no doubt things will improve with time. But, they would probably not improve as much as you may want them to. With side-falling breast implants, your surgeon would have to make the side implant pockets smaller using a biological (such as Strattice) hammock. It APPEARS that the implants however were also displaced superiorly in addition to medially. If the Strattice was applied tightly to the base of the pocket, as well, pushing the implants upwards (instead of it being solely inflammation), then the implants will not come down a lot because the Strattice does not give or relax too much. Only time will tell. I would give it at least 4-6 months and stay in contact with your surgeon.

Dr. Peter A Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Takes time to see the final result from implant surgery

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Healing is different for each individual. At 2 weeks there is still a possibility that your high implant position will improve. Give it more time. If no results in 6 months you may need to consider an inferior capsulectomy.

Breast Revisionary Surgery Results?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

Given that you're only 2 weeks out of your surgery you should expect the appearance of the breasts to improve significantly with time. Swelling will resolve and the breast implants will take their final position several months after surgery. Until that point you should continue to follow-up with your plastic surgeon. Only then will you be able to evaluate the results of surgery and discuss questions and concerns with him/her.

Best wishes.

Two weeks post-surgery

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It is too early to completely evaluate your breasts.  While they are a bit high right now, they should change over time.  See how they evolve over the next few months.

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