I'm 3 Wks Post Op Frm BA Areola's Are Different Sizes Will They Even Out?

I'm 3 Wks Post Op Frm BA Areola's Are Different Sizes Will They Even Out?

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Asymmetry of Areola after Breast Augmentation Surgery

Thank you for your question.

It is very difficult to give you advice without seeing your before and after photos.  Some breast asymmetry and areola asymmetry is normal (almost every patient has some asymmetry).

I would suggest that you give your body time to heal since you are only 3 weeks post op surgery and re-assess things in a few months.  Follow up with your plastic surgeon as he/she is the best person to discuss options with you since he/she knows your history the best.

Best wishes.

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Nipple Areola Asymmetry after Breast Augmentation

Nipple and Areola asymmetry are the norm for most women.  One side is usually slightly larger or smaller.  This may be barely noticeable prior to augmentation but can become more noticeable after the procedure.  Asymmetry is a reflection not only of the tissues but also of the underlying skeletal anatomy, some of which cannot be changed with augmentation. In short, if you were asymmetric before the operation, chances are you will be after the operation.


You are still very early after surgery and are in the healing process.  I usually have patients wait at least 3 months to really assess the final appearance of the result.

To answer your question, the difference in size may even out after time.

Shankar Lakshman, MD
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