5 Wks Post Neck Lift Now " Intermittant" Swelling and Choking Feeling a Good Sign of Complete Relief in Time?

I had a platysmaplasty 5 weeks ago under both my ears and my neck below ears gets hard ,swollen, but an overall a feeling of being "choked" that now comes and goes. It seems it gets worst when I first wake in the morning, if I start to talk alot, get upset or stressed or even if I drink alcohol. Is the fact that it comes and goes a good sign that it will eventually go away and not permanant? I am 55 yrs old, over 5'6, 140lb, healthy (non smoker), housewife, overall better than average skin tone.

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Intermittent swelling after neck lift

You are still in the early healing phases after your surgery.  I have found that healing in the neck seems to lag somewhat after other areas have improved.  This seems to be from swelling drifting downwards with gravity.  It may vary according to salt intake and body position.  Since it comes and goes, it will probably continue to improve with time.  Tincture of time is in order...Good luck.

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