Breast is Numb and Feels Like It's Moving 6 Weeks Post-op - Normal?

I Am Six Wks Post Ba and my Left Breast is Still Numb and Uncomfortable at Night if Feels Like It is Moving when I Move Any Part of my left side - it also feels like its stinging I have also got a small indent in this breast to the right side were the breast should be full and round? can this be normal? Many thanks

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Numbness 6 weeks after breast augment

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Very few patients have normal sensation immediately after breast augment surgery, but most patients eventually do regain nearly normal sensation. I have seen a number of cases where this occurs more quickly on one side than the other.

The odd sensations and the occasional jolts, shocks and even tearing sensations are common when nerves are recovering from surgery. There isn't anything you can do to speed up this process. As for the dent you describe I would not be able to offer an opinion without an examination. Revisit your surgeon and see if some of your questions and concerns can be answered.

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Post- Op Breast Augmentaiton

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All patients heal differently. You should contact your Board certified Plastic Surgeon and schedule an appointment to discuss your current concerns. Best wishes!

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