How Can I Accelerate Healing?

i am 5 wks po. still have a spot that is healing very slow. I was "spitting a knot" Dr. Took one out from one spot that was not healing. Still have another area just above the pubis that is not healing. Afraid that it is healing too slow. What can I do to accelerate the healing process? It is about an 1/2" wide and !/2" in length with a little white stuff in it almost like puss but it is not infected. I am 5 weeks post op and the Dr. has viewed it twice.

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Optimizing wound healing.

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Eating a good diet with vitamin supplementation and adeuqate protein intake is essential to wound healing. Circulation is also very important and to this end avoiding smoking, controlling diabetes, and doing light exercise to encourage oxygenation and lympahtic drainage to minimize edema is also useful. In some instances hyperbaric oxygen may be useful and manual lymphatic drainage. Wound care is important for compromised wounds so follow your surgeon's advice.

Accelerating healing

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You can't accelerate healing per se, but you can optimize the conditions to make it happen.  First, you should continue following up with your surgeon.  He/she will debride the wound, if needed--that means trimming out any dead tissue.  Once that's done as needed, and you have no infection, then you need to give the wound a moist healing atmosphere.  That may mean using ointments or just moist saline gauze dressings--talk to your surgeon to see what he/she recommends.  Take a multivitamin daily, and be sure to eat lots of lean protein.  Then give it time time time.

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