I'm 6 Wks P/op TT and Lipo...and Have a Small Slow Healing Hole...is This Normal?

I'm 6+ weeks post op TT and flank lipo and developed an area just above the pubic area and incision line that is healing very slowly. It had a keloid in the middle of it until my PS removed it yesterday...but now I'm left with a huge hole and the skin is slowly healing inward around the edges of it. My doctor and I have discussed a revision in a few months. Is this something that is common and how long does something like this take to heal?

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I'm 6 Wks P/op TT and Lipo...and Have a Small Slow Healing Hole...is This Normal?

Your photo demonstrates superficial skin and fat necrosis. Local wound care allows healing over a few months. Than with scar maturation for 4 to 6 months I than recommend under local anesthesia a revision of the scar. 

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The wound will heal over weeks

Wound breakdown is an inherent complication associated with TT. It looks as though you had an area of necrosis that your surgeon removed. This will heal over several weeks and you will be left with a scar that will need a revision in 6 months or so. The good news is that it looks relatively small, it will contract with healing and the revision should leave you with an acceptable result. Good Luck!

Brian Klink, MD
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Open area after tummy tuck and lipo

Skin necrosis at the lower tummy incision after a tummy tuck is a potential risk, and the best treatment is to allow it to heal on its own. It may take weeks to months, depending on its size.  It will eventually close up. A scar revision may improve the scar, but you would need to wait until it is healed and hopefully a little skin restretching allows the scar to be excised in this area.  Your surgeon may want to wait a little longer until this laxity develops so that the scar can be removed.  Don't worry, as bad as it looks now, it will resolve and heal.

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Wound healing after a tummy tuck

No your open wound is not normal but is a well known complication of a tummy tuck and should heal completely with some time.  As previously stated you may need a scar revision at a later time (usually > 6 months after complete healing).


Delio Ortegon, MD
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