2 Wks Ago I Had a Breast Lift and a Augmetation, my Job Uniform is a Tight Corset. I Was Told No?

I was told I could not wear anything tight or restricting, no under wire bra's or the corset for a min of 3 months. My job says I must wear it, how do you make men understand I can't wear it for medical reasons. My doctor wrote no corset on my Dr's note. They dont care! Debating if I need to quit as this is a health issue, pls advise.

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Can I wear my uniform corset after aug/lift?

I would suggest bringing in a couple sizes up on the corset to your plastic surgeon for him to assess compression on the incisions/implants. If the corset fit loose enough in the bust line area and you have padding in the breast crease and incision area, you may be able to find a compromise that suits you work and is not harmful to your surgery. Best Wishes, Pablo Prichard, MD

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Uniform after breast lift

Perhaps you can show yoru surgeon what you need to wear for work. Maybe there is a compromise to satisfy all parties?

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2 Wks Ago I Had a Breast Lift and a Augmetation, my Job Uniform is a Tight Corset

Arbitrary rules are just that--arbitrary.  But it may be that there is room for compromise on the surgeon's side. 

Post op regimens vary a lot from surgeon to surgeon, and yours may be willing to vary the routine given the situation.

All the best. 

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