5 Wks After MOHs Surgery, Severe Swelling/Clogged?

My friend had MOHs surgery about 5 weeks ago on the side of his nose. He now has severe swelling inside that nostral to the point that he says it's clogged. Is this something to be concerned about since it's been over a month?

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What to Do: Severe Swelling One Month After Mohs Surgery on Nose

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Best option is to contact the doctor who performed the reconstruction and have them examine you.

If this swelling has been present since the time of surgery, it may be that the reconstruction caused some impairment of the internal or external nasal valve. This is something that can improve with time or might need a second surgery to improve. Other options could be hypertrophic scarring, collection of blood or an infection. Have the surgeon evaluate your symptoms to determine the cause and provide some relief. Good luck.

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Swelling from Mohs

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There can be a tremendous amount of swelling after Mohs because there is an extreme amount of cutting, pressing, suturing, and tightening of the skin. However, if your friend is at all concerned, any physician would want to see him for a follow-up just to evaluate the situation. I'm sure it's okay, but it's always best to be checked out.

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