Is 4 Wks After Giving Birth to Soon to Have Breast Augmentation if I Do Not Breast Feed? (photo)

i went to a consultation today for a breast augmentation and and also let them know that i am suspecting that i am about 6 weeks pregnant. I asked the doctor if it was possible to have the surgery done while i was on maternity leave (6-8 weeks) and let him know that i did not intend on breast feeding. The doctor said that it may be possible to have it that soon if we did a 2 week post surgery appointment. Would you agree with this.?

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In our practice we like our patients to be at least 3 months after giving birth. The reason behind that is, your breast need to go back to normal before you start sizing so you pick an accurate implant size.


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Timing of Breast Augmentation after Pregnancy?

Congratulations on your pregnancy; hopefully your course will be as smooth as possible.

Generally speaking, it is best to wait (at least) a few months after delivery for any type of elective breast surgery.  It may take this period of time for your breast to “bounce back” after the pregnancy.  Reaching a stable state in regards to breast size/shape will be important,  to allow your plastic surgeon to plan the operation that will best meet your goals. Also, consider that having  the responsibility of a newborn around the time of surgery may not be ideal.

I hope this helps.

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