Am I Within my Rights As a Patient?

I had a necklift 4 months ago with extremely poor results. My surgeon even agreed and offered to do a revision. I said that I would like a second opinion first. I also requested a write up of the medical procedure done over 2 weeks ago. I was told that a write up would be emailed in 3 days. I have since phoned but received no response. Is this acceptable practice when a procedure is completed?

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Managing the sub-optimal result

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Thank you for the question.  The ideal situation would be for you and your plastic surgeon to reach a mutually agreeable solution.  This may involve having him/her re-do or repair the neck lift, partial or full refund of the surgeons fees, or some other arrangement.  In terms of paperwork what you need is the operative report as well as the before and after photos.  These will be the most important in terms of getting a second opinion.  You could request these as you have done or you can have the second opinion plastic surgeon to request the documents from your initial plastic surgeon.

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Dr Remus Repta

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Correcting a Neck Lift

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    If you trusted the doctor for the operation and you do not like the results, you should realize that even the best neck lift surgeons have results with which they may not be happy.  If the doctor has performed many of these procedures and he has good credentials, I would consider having the first surgeon performing the revision.

Corrective Cosmetic Surgery

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 Yes, it is certainly not unreasonable for you to ask for and receive a copy of your medical records. You really just need a copy of your operative report and pre operative pictures. May I suggest that you again approach your surgeon but, in a non adversarial fashion. Consider calling and request/ ask for a copy of these materials. They are important so, go by and pick them up at a time when you know your surgeons office is open & not busy.
 Yes, it is normal to become disillusioned when any contracture fails to meet your expectations. Often most of us calk it up to bad judgement/ luck and move on to another. Consider writing down your concerns. List the three things you really want corrected. Take this with you with your op note and pre operative pictures for a second option. You might consider a member of the ASAPS in your area. They are experts in corrective cosmetic surgery. Best,



Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS

Gary R. Culbertson, MD
Columbia Plastic Surgeon

When can you expect receipt of records?

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In California, business have up to 14 days to provide you with requested records.  That being said, it sounds like your surgeon acknowledged your concerns and was willing to work with you to achieve a better result.  What is motivating you to seek a second opinion at more costs?  Assuming your surgeon is a decent one, I would think a revision should address your concerns.  Regardless, make sure your chosen surgeon fully understands what you expect or you could still be disappointed.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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