Which Laser is Better to Remove the Hair Forever IPL or Gel Tell and DM?

laser for the hair on the face and under arm

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Laser hair removal - which machine is best?

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Laser hair removal permanently destroys SOME hair follicles. However, all of your hair follicles are not necessarily treated at any given point. Only active follicles are treated, and quite frankly, some of those will continually be non-responsive. Additionally, you will continue to develop new hair follicles over your lifetime, hence the need for follow-up or "maintenance" visits. Overall, most people should expect about 70% total removal of the current hair follicles being treated, and then the remainders will grow back lighter in color, shorter, and less dense. However, the new follicles you develop will need to be treated separately, and the same rules apply - overall 70% is permanently removed. So to answer your question, all machines work to some degree - IPL is an older and more painful and long procedure, Diode and Alexadrite lasers are faster and newer technologies. Also YAG lasers can be effective. But again, the permanence of all treatments, no matter the machine, is what I discussed above.

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