Is It Wise to Store Retin-A in the Refrigerator when It is Very Hot Outside and in the House?

I store my Retin-A cream in the refrigerator (at 42 to 43 °F) in the hot (80+ °F) sommer months. Is it ok to do so or will it damage the product (loose its efficacy)? Thank you very much in advance.

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Retin-A in the refrigerator isn't necessary

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My offices are in Las Vegas, and it gets well over 115 degrees here in the summer. As long as you're not keeping the Retin-A outside, it's fine to just have it in the bathroom. We tell people to apply Retin-A to a dry face only, and yes, putting it in the refrigerator can change the consistency of the medication so it's not applying the same way to the skin.

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