Wisdom Teeth taken out, is the pain normal?

I had all four wisdom teeth taken out on the 23rd. No complications past a split lip that they put stitches in. I've been taking 2 Advil Liquid Gels every 4 and sometimes take a Tylneol when the pain gets to be a bit more. I was also given the Hydromorphone 2mg that I haven't touched. After three days of eating clear liquid, I had mashed potatoes last night. I rinse with salt water after every meal and before bed.. and yet it always seems to sting/throb, especially today. Is it normal?

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Wisdom Teeth taken out, is the pain normal?

Everyone heals in their own time but initial healing usually takes 10-14 days.  Some people experience no pain while others experience a lot more pain.  Neither is abnormal and it may relate to how individuals respond to pain and how complicated or difficult the extractions were.  

A dry socket can occur which is a type of osteomyelitis and can be extremely painful.  This will usually occur on the 4th day after surgery.  It is more common in smokers and women on Birth Control pills.  A dry socket would require a follow-up with your dentist.

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