Can I Get my Wisdom Teeth Removed Before Braces?

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Can my wisdom teeth be removed before I have braces?

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The answer is maybe - depending upon the stage of development and position of the wisdom teeth.  In some cases it is favorable to have the wisdom teeth removed prior to orthodontic treatment.  In other instances, the wisdom teeth can be removed after braces are finished.  Whether or not the wisdom teeth require removal depends largely upon space available for their eruption and upon their orientation.  Your Orthodontist is in the best position to make this call.

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Wisdom tooth removal before braces is a good idea

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Some feel that the pressure from erupting wisdom teeth can cause teeth to become crooked.  While this is debatable, removing them before orthodontics may be the best approach anyway.  It likely is not critical one way or the other, but it IS nice to have that feeling of DONE when the braces come off.

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