Is 6 Days Enough To Recover From Wisdom Teeth Removal?

I'm 18, my wisdom teeth have not erupted yet, but my bottom ones are growing on a horizontal angle. I've booked an appointment to get it removed but the earliest is August 30th and I'm heading to university soon on September 5th. Not to mention that I have work on September 3rd. Will 6 days be enough for the swelling, bruising, etc to heal? Also, will my facial structure change due to wisdom teeth removal? My face is already small/thin. I don't want it to get even thinner/smaller/gaunter.

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Healing Time For Wisdom Teeth Extractions

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Given your age six days should be plenty of time for you to heal from wisdom teeth extractions.  The younger that you are the faster you heal.  In addition, there is a good chance that the roots of your wisdom teeth have not completely formed yet making them easier to remove.  You will want to stay away from strenuous activity for 48-72 hours following the surgery.  Follow the post operative instructions of your surgeon to reduce your risk of infection or dry socket.  Your facial features will not change after having these teeth extracted.  I am confident that you will be ready for school by your September start date.  

Is 6 days enogh time to recover?

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6 days is usually enough time to recover for most dental surgeries. The recovery time varies for each patient. The recovery time could also vary for each surgical site in a particular patient. In order to decrease the healing time needed it is important to consult with your dentist as well as your physician about any pre anti-inflammatory medications that could be taken. Proper preparation before surgery is just as important as treatment after surgery. Consult with your dentist about any recommended pre surgery medications used to decreased swelling and inflammation.


Roderick Cooper, DDS
Atlanta Dentist

Recovery from wisdom teeth extraction

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When I remove all four wisdom teeth at once, I recommend that the patient avoid any physical activity for a minimum of 72 hours.  You are young--so, your healing should take less time than someone twice your age.  It all depends on how much bone needs to be removed in conjunction with the horizontally-impacted teeth.  Swelling usually peaks 48-72 hours after the surgery.  And, your facial profile should not change following the surgery.

Chad Colson, DMD
Greenville Dentist

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