Can Wisdom Teeth Be Moved with Invisalign? (photo)

I have had 6 molars removed. (Cavities and failed root canals.) Two molars removed from top and bottom on left side and one from top and bottom on right. Since these teeth were removed before my wisdom teeth came in, I opted to keep my wisdom teeth to give me more surface to chew. I have severe crowding on the bottom and moderate crowding on the top. Can Invisalign incorporate my wisdom teeth and move them in to the spaces where my molars were removed? I also have 1 filling and 1 root canal.

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Molars don't move very well

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It takes a long time to move molars, even longer with Invisalign.  You would be better off with traditional braces as Invisalign will mostly tip the teeth and not move the entire tooth very efficiently.

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